Stage 1

  • Discussions and understanding of concept
  • Contract farming Agreement with Company
  • Farmland registration
Month 1

Stage 2

  • Formation of soil to the requirements of the plantation
  • Provision of electrical connections to the requirements
  • Initial road formation and strom water drains, rain water harvesting pits
  • Setting up drip irrigation and water distribution systems for Agro forestry
  • Common peripheral fencing in stages

Stage 3

  • Plantation of Tissue Culture Teak saplings
  • Promoting growth of saplings using Organic farming methods and supporting methods, manuring and Agro-sylviculture
  • All the above with close monitoring, expert supervision, advisory and periodic updates to investors

Stage 4

  • In the first year, the beds are raised to cover the roots on the surface and retain fertility of soil
  • Deep inter ploughing is done before the onset of monsoon, followed by soil work
  • Plants are stabilized so that only 1/3 of the plant is exposed above the ground
  • Upturning of soil is done after about 6 months
  • Subsequent deep rounds of inter ploughing followed by upturning of soil is carried out year on year
  • Deep ploughing for removing of weeds every third month or on need basis

Maintaining the Tissue culture Teak forest

This is the longest and the most important phase of the Agro Forestry project. Close and dedicated monitoring is necessary to ensure the Teak forest develops and flourish as desired – long, straight and bushy trees with no branches and non flaky trunk.

On an average, 8 year old Tissue cultured teak plantation gains a uniform growth of about 75 to 90 feet and girth of around 75 to 110 cms. This uniformity in Tissue culture Teak’s height and girth results in excellent volume and quality of wood.


Teak trees can be insured by the Investor under the Plantations Insurance plan offered by several Insurance companies.

Characteristics of our

Tissue culture Teak

  • Mother plant is selected after 60 characteristic analyses; hence the clone is highly resistant to diseases and pests.
  • Once planted, they are ready to harvest from the 8th year, we however allow for a 10 year Harvest period in this project
  • Returns on yield would be high, as the formation is 75% heart wood and only 25% sapwood
  • Can be planted throughout the year
  • Gives multi fold returns

Stage 5

10 year harvest carbon neutral organic farming

Bio diversity 100% eco friendly multi-fold returns

Harvest and Yield
  • About 400 teak plants are planted per acre and the yield starts from the 10th year. At the 10th year, the yield would be approximately 30 Cubic feet per tree
  • After a period of 10 years, the Teak trees are harvested with all necessary permissions. Maatreyee Agro Forestry will sell the trees on behalf of investors
  • 80% of the revenue from sale of the Teak trees is given to the investor. This should give our investors, multi fold returns on their investment
  • Besides this, the land appreciation adds value to the investor’s returns, being a fully developed Agro Forest landscape with good ccess. Choice is left to the investor either to continue growing Teak forests, grow any other crop or sell the land after the first yield.

Growth forecast of our Tissue culture Teak trees