A deep dive into our Venture

Maatreyee Agro Forestry project is a concept where Maatreyee identifies suitable large areas of farm land and promotes Agro Forestry, cultivating Tissue Culture Teak as the primary plant, thus converting lands to an economically viable Forest in a few years !

Investors keen on being part of such an eco-sustainable, Bio-diverse venture, invest in one or more acres of land which Maatreyee develops and maintains.

How we do this ?

Once the land is identified for its suitability - which could involve type of soil, water sources, altitude, gradients, weather conditions, rainfall patterns and other supporting constituents, Maatreyee carry out a thorough due diligence to ensure hassle free, clear title land by entering into agreements with local farmers and owners.

Healthy ecosystems and environments are necessary to the survival of humans and other organisms

Bio Diversity and Land management

It is important to ensure land management to produce more reliable crop yields, while also ensuring that the land remains usable for the future. Our methods combine agricultural and forestry technologies to create more diverse, productive, profitable, healthy and sustainable land-use systems.

To support Agro Forestry, it is extremely important to include all forms of life such as microorganisms, plants or animals. Diversity of various kinds is extremely vital to the health of any ecosystem - Biodiversity. These kinds of systems tend to be less susceptible to harmful insects, drought, wind damage and plant diseases, which results in higher yields. The treatment of the land also helps to maintain healthy soil, because different kinds of plants deposit and withdraw different nutrients from the soil; a variety of plants means that the soil remains balanced.

This commercial Agro forest will possess a diversified mix of several species of creation including cattle and other animals to support diversity. Approximately, every 10 acres of forestry land will have at least 5 cows, goats, sheep and other animals.

The program employs utmost use of Organic farming, Bio-Diversity and self sustained, recycled management systems for energy, manure, fertilizers and other supporting needs in the process of Agro Forestry development.

During the entire period from Phase 1 to the harvesting Phase, Maatreyee Agro Forestry will take complete responsibility of developing, nurturing and maintaining the Tissue culture Teak trees and create the necessary environment for its growth. Adequate staff, Security, Experts, Advisors and Agro Forestry scientists will be working toward the noble cause, making their contribution to mother earth and for the sustenance of our environment, converting dry land to wet Agro Forestry land through the most natural means.

Our Maintenance costs are very low due to this concept of sylviculture and self sustainability.

Inviting Investors

The expansive 300+ acres of plantation land is partitioned into one acre plots. Investors who believe in our mission and passionate about ecological sustenance, being part of a Bio diversity - Organic farming venture, invest here by buying 1 or more acres (in some cases, even ½ acre) of land.

The land is registered in their name directly with the owner at the Sub-Registrar office, Krishnagiri Taluk. Attempts are also being made by Maatreyee Agro Forestry to identify Banks to provide Loans for keen investors.


Sprawling stretch of farm lands which will soon be transformed to an agro forest.

Call this a resort, call this a farm house.. call this a green venture.. it has it all!

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The ideal terra firma for all its goodness...

After meticulous search for locations around Bengaluru to identify the ideal large farm land most suitable for our Agro Forestry initiative, we finalized on this picturesque landscape near Hosur, known for its climate, economic growth, proximity to Bengaluru, connectivity and most importantly ideal in all respects for our Agro Forestry initiative.

Just around 60 Kms. from Bengaluru, our location spread over several acres in Berigai is strategically sited near and around 20 Km. from Hosur, around 30 Km. from Sarjapur, Shoolagiri, KGF and Bangarapet. This is ideal location for promoting our Agro Forestry venture due to all the positive aspects including its weather, rich water sources, sprawling greenery, ecological surroundings, richness of soil, proximity to the city and its potential for fast economic growth.