A big step in fostering bio-diversity, eco conservation and sustainable development

Maatreyee Agro Forestry is a company that seeks to explore new vistas in biodiversity and ecological sustenance; at the same time protect, conserve and sustain vital economic, environmental and natural resources. Research over the past 20 years has confirmed that Agro Forestry can be more biologically productive, profitable and more sustainable than agricultural monocultures.

About us

We are a socially responsible organization and believe that any nature-dependent effort has to be based on sustainable development. Our company has a commitment to develop eco-friendly plantations by largely employing organic farming practices, promote sustainable development by using renewable energy. We are also committed to protect biodiversity within our plantations, and setting as low as possible our carbon emissions and reducing carbon footprints.

What makes us unique..

Maatreyee Agroforestry was born out of the realization that among the few products for which there is going to be a seemingly unlimited demand in the next few decades globally, Teak is one. Teak is considered the King of timber - widely used in a number of activities and industries.

Teak is a resource that is here to stay. It is on a mind boggling fact about this resource that Maatreyee Agro Forestry has based its business plan.

With a growing population and with increasing spending power among consumers, teak is set for an extremely steep upward spike in demand.

and what drives us..


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