An Eco-sustainable, bio-diverse venture where large areas of land are developed into an Agro forest.. thus conserving nature and creating a carbon neutral environment

A unique venture to grow large number of ‘tissue culture teak trees’ and a variety of organic cultivation in sprawling green farm lands.

You can own such land which will create huge return on your investment!

We maintain the Agro forest as you see them grow..

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60 Kms from Bengaluru. Situated at Berigai, near Hosur TN.

Strategically sited and accessible from Hosur, Sarjapur, Shoolagiri, KGF and Bangarapet too.

A snapshot of our Agro forestry venture

Bringing freshness to our surroundings

More trees, more oxygen

Effective use of farm land

Growing organic food, supporting interest of farmers

Promoting ecological balance

Ecosystem where plants and animals live in natural harmony

Opportunity to own farm land

Generating income from the land


Tissue Culture

A scientific process where tissues are extracted from a mother plant and multiple cultures are developed, having similar characteristics

Experience Nature

Call it a forest, call it a farmland, call it a resort.. the choice for a weekend getaway to recharge yourself and be part of bio diverse eco system

Agro forestry

A method of rebuilding forests and economy. A land use management system in which trees and shrubs are planted among other crops

Nourish Organic food

Being an eco-friendly venture, farmland owners have access to organic vegetable, fruits, grains - mainly millets

Bio diversity

To maintain a balance in our eco system, it is important that a variety of living beings live within a region

Environment & Economics

A concept where you own the land. We grow tissue culture trees and maintain them for you. Revenue from the yield is realized after 10 years